Opioid addiction has been thoroughly documented throughout the years.

But almost all research dedicated to opioids requires patients to fill out a survey about their usage. When considering patients are rarely honest with their usage and/or have a hard time recalling it, surveys and doctor visits aren’t an effective way to gain an edge on the opioid epidemic.

Cora cuts past these issues by conducting unblemished data through the use of the Cora bottle. The data acquired will delve into opioid usage with a deeper understanding of its habituation use. For instance, Cora will illuminate what time people use most, if early user binge use at specific times, when addiction trends take place, and many more deeper insights not yet documented. These data points can be instrumental in creating newer hypotheses into opioid usage.

With the Cora smart bottle, opioid research will be more accurate, thorough, and pointed than ever. Research administrations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse will be able to see the compiled data in statistical diagrams and dissect new found issues into the crisis. They will be able to form new solutions to the most current issues and keep countless patients from turning their prescription into an addiction.