It was time to go to work

I gathered as much relevant information as I could from listening to podcasts, reading scholarly article after article, to surveying over 100 athletes, to interviewing coaches, trainers, athletes parents and the wide spectrum of athletes. But then I stumbled upon Skift- A Global travel industry intelligence providing news, info, data and analysis on airlines, hotels, tourism, cruises, startups, tech and more. Annually they host a Global Forum conference: β€œthe largest creative business events in the global travel industry. It is the first conference series focused on top Marketers, Strategists and Technologists in travel - the people creating and defining the future of travel.” I decided I had to go I reached out, inquired about volunteering knowing it was a long shot. But within a couple days they got back to me and I found myself on a train to NYC to work the event. Little did I know I would be the host for the speakers of the event. Notebook in one hand, itinerary in the other, for two days strait I soaked in as much information and picked as many brains as I could.